Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Trailer Reveals New Contestants

Sun, beaches, gorgeous-looking people having fun… sex is in the air in the trailer for the upcoming third season of Too Hot to Handle, but once again the contestants have to remain celibate if they want to win the prize money. And there is no loophole – during the time the contestants are in the “too hot villa”, there can be no kissing, no heavy petting and, of course, no sex of any kind (including self-pleasure), otherwise the group takes a penalty and money is deducted from the $200,000 prize.

Now that the cash has been doubled, the contestants are put even more on edge as giving in to temptation may cost everyone way too much – but how do you control yourself when everyone is half-naked all day long? This has proven extremely difficult in previous seasons, as the original $100,000 prize got significantly reduced because everyone kept breaking the rules.

The trailer for the new season of Too Hot to Handle once again welcomes ten sexy singles to the villa as they are greeted by virtual assistant and no-touching police Lana, who has eyes everywhere. Between pool parties, beach parties and all types of parties, you just know the contestants won’t be able to resist each other during four weeks – but that’s why we watch, right?

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Too Hot to Handle is a British reality series that premiered in 2020. By depriving contestants from close contact and only allowing them to flirt, the idea of the dating game is provide a space for “shallow” people to form deep and meaningful relationships that don’t revolve around sex. And, of course, give them money if they behave. Can they be tamed or are they just too hot to handle?

All ten episodes of Too Hot to Handle season three premiere exclusively on Netflix on January 19. Check out the trailer below:

And check out the series' official synopsis here:

It's a new year, and it might be snowing outside, but the third season of TOO HOT TO HANDLE is back and steamier than ever. It's time to meet a brand new batch of horned-up hellraisers who have just arrived for what they think will be the sexiest vacation of their lives. But with Lana watching, will this wild cast be able to stick to the rules and abstain from any kind of sexual contact (or self-gratification) in order to form meaningful connections, and keep that prize money as high as their sex drives? The pressure's on, because this season, the stakes are even greater... with the biggest prize fund on offer, ever.

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