Tekken 7 Trailer Reveals Two New Editions: Originals and Definitive

Fans can hardly wait for Bandai Namco to finally announce a Tekken 8 release date but, in the meantime, two new editions of the bestselling game in the franchise, Tekken 7, have just become available and have received a trailer.

To add to the existing Standard edition and the Ultimate edition, as well as the Legendary Edition which was released on November 12, an Originals edition and a Definitive edition have just become available for purchase.

If you acquire the Originals Edition, you will be getting the full game, which includes over 40 characters and more than 20 stages, with a new frame data component. In addition, you will receive 12 original character packs which include: Eliza, Anna Williams, Lei Wulong, Craig Marduk, Armor King, Julia Chang, Zafina, Ganryu, Leroy Smith, Fahkumram, Kunimitsu, and Lidia Sobieska. This version can be purchased for the same price as the Ultimate Edition: $99.99.

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If instead, you decide to get the Definitive Edition for the higher price of $119.99, you will be able to enjoy the full game plus the content from all the four released season passes. Season Pass 1 includes the Ultimate Tekken Bowl mode, additional costumes, and two guest characters: Geese Howard and Lucis Caelum. Season Pass 2 includes the characters Anna Williams, Lei Wulong, Craig Marduk, and Julia Chan, as well as Armor King and the guest character Negan from The Walking Dead. Season Pass 3 includes the returning characters Zafina and Ganryu as well as the originals Leroy Smith and Fahkumram, a frame data display feature, and a new stage called Cave of Enlightenment. Finally, Season Pass 4 includes the returning character Kunimitsu as well as the original character Lidia Sobieska, and two new stages titled Vermillion Gates and Island Paradise. All these passes include a bonus customization set.

Regardless of the edition you choose to acquire, you’ll be able to enjoy the game’s latest updates and regular free bonus content. Both the Originals edition and the Definitive edition are available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Watch the trailer below:

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