Simu Liu and Bowen Yang Compete for Questionable Asian Honors

Saturday Night Live has worked to make some strides in terms of casting and inclusion, and it would appear that was the topic of discussion between cast member Bowen Yang and host Simu Liu. The two can certainly relate to each other, with Liu being Marvel's first male Asian superhero, and Yang being SNL's first male Asian cast member. A competition quickly develops, however, with the two competing for these Asian-centric honors that Yang questions "why people even keep track of?"

Aside from the obvious in Simu & Bowen, Yang has also 'apparently' been recognized as the first gay Asian cast member on SNL to mispronounce boutique, in addition to earning the 'Good Job (Asian)' award from the state of Michigan. The titles and honors keep pouring in for both Yang and Liu, with NBC representatives played by Andrew Dismukes and Sarah Sherman bringing in awards for both talents.

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As for Liu, he's somehow been honored as the first Asian man to beat Starcraft II and the first to deadpan for the photo on Disney World's Splash Mountain. He also is supposedly the first Asian man to select the Pick 2 option at Panera Bread, earning a gift basket from the eatery. The Marvel recognition is also clearly evident, as he's the first Asian man to blow up a dragon from the inside (with Yang also holding that title for a much, much different circumstance).

While both acknowledge the absurdity of these recognitions, they clearly love the spotlight, showing up at ceremonies to receive their awards and wearing their regalia. The two form a real competitive spirit, with each vying to become the first Asian male to do a Cher impression on NBC. But it's Yang who will always have the one-up on Liu given his sexuality, going so far as to upend Liu's Splash Mountain title.

Check out the Simu & Bowen sketch below:

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And without the risk of cutting off your hand!

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