Baby Yoda Returns to Talk About Thanksgiving Parade, His Romantic Life

Since the popular Star Wars series The Mandalorian premiered on Disney Plus back in November of 2019 the character of Baby Yoda now known as Grogu has taken the world by storm with his cuteness. However, SNL has shown us Baby Yoda’s more adult side and after a six-month-long absence from the show, cast member Kyle Mooney returned as the fan-favorite character on Weekend Update to tell anchor Michael Che of his extraordinary life.

The first topic of discussion was about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which will have Funko feature a new very adorable balloon version of the character. When asked about it Baby Yoda said, “bro I’m getting paid $2 million just to get with Pikachu, Ronald McDonald, and the dude from Diary of a Wimpy Kid on live TV high as hell.” The conversation then hilariously went into his Thanksgiving plans where Baby Yoda talked about his Friendsgiving that is probably better than the average person. “Me and the squad are doing a little Friendsgiving thing over at Post Malone’s crib”, Baby Yoda said. “Yeah it’s going to be me, Millie Bobby Brown, the Geico Gecko, Lou Vega, and Clifford the Big Red Dog.”

RELATED:‘Saturday Night Live’: Simu Liu’s Best Sketches, RankedChe then commented on Baby Yoda’s new look that sees the character covered in tattoos. “I’m punk now”, Baby Yoda said. He is now a future Jedi that wants to “stick it to the man.” This leads to Baby Yoda talking about his new album called Confessions of the Diary of a Loser which is about his tough high school days. He then gives a small sample of his song Tenth Grade is Hard which is essentially a sad song about him never being picked to be on the team.

Baby Yoda is just a “stereotypical boy”, but because of Disney Plus he is now one of the most popular beings on the planet which brings the final topic of discussion to the Jedi to be’s love life. He revealed that he has been dating Mama Bear from the famous Berenstain Bears. From there the conversation gets a little too uncomfortable for Che’s liking and Baby Yoda had a message for his girlfriend's ex who just happened to be everyone's other favorite cute character Baby Groot. He went on to threaten Baby Groot saying that he would throw him in a wood chipper and use him as toilet paper if he ever texted Mama Bear again. Grogu, like all Jedi’s have a dark side and hopefully he can work out his issues before the third season of The Mandalorian premieres next year.

This was just one of the many highlights of the Thanksgiving episode of SNL hosted by Shang-Chi star Simu Liu and you can watch the full Weekend Update sketch with Baby Yoda down below. SNL will return in two weeks on December 11 with musical guest and host Billie Eilish before closing out the year with host Paul Rudd on December 18.

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