Scream 5 Poster Lives Up to Franchise's Name

It is officially Scream week and with each passing day the anticipation for the next installment in this iconic slasher series gets more intense. To kick off the week in killer fashion Creepy Duck Design has dropped another new poster that will put a bloody smile on any fan's face.

Just like this company’s past designs for the film, Woodsboro's favorite killer is the star and this new poster gives off all the retro horror vibes. The image itself features a giant looming Ghostface in the top left corner holding their signature hunting knife covered in blood with the Scream name, in big blood red font, dangling off the blade. To top off Ghostface’s ominous appearance, a lightning bolt is striking the tip of his blade.

Below the title, the series’ final girl Sidney Prescott played by Neve Campbell is doing her best Edvard Munch's The Scream impression which is the painting the original Fun World Ghostface mask was based on.

The classic black, white, and red all-over color scheme invokes the haunting atmosphere of the series and this feels like a cover of an old horror VHS tape that you would find browsing the halls of a Blockbuster on a Friday night. In particular, if we are talking about the series’ history, at Randy’s video store when he was infamously screaming that, “everybody’s a suspect”. The crease in the middle of the poster makes it look even more vintage than it already was and it only adds to this print’s sweet horror goodness.

RELATED: 'SCREAM' Star Dylan Minnette Takes Fans on a Tour of the 'Scream' House 'MTV Cribs' StyleAll the posters for Scream have offered up a variety of different looks at the cast, Ghostface, and, like the killers in this fabled series, the marketing has messed with all sorts of fan expectations. With taglines like “The killer is on this poster” and “It’s always someone you know!”, these small teases have only added to this new film’s mysterious allure. The reactions for the film have been extremely positive thus far and the trailers/marketing have teased many connections to the original film like the return of the infamous Scream house.

This new poster may be hinting at a major character’s demise and it is looking more and more likely that no one in this fifth film is safe. Will this be the film that dares to kill Sidney, Dewey, or Gale? We will find out when Scream murders its way to theaters on January 14 and for all the latest news on this stab happy film, Stick with Collider.

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