Martha Is Dead Horror Game Reveals a Release Date in Creepy Trailer

Next February will be a busy month for game releases, among these Dying Light 2: Stay Human and Elden Ring. Yet another game will join these February releases, and this time it’s LKA’s new first-person psychological horror game that is sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up: Martha Is Dead.

A Wired production, which is the same indie publisher behind games such as Those Who Remain, Fractured Minds, and The Falconer, Martha is Dead has just gotten a creepy trailer that tells very little of the plot but it does succeed in setting a chillingly eerie atmosphere. From what we know of the story, it is set in Italy in 1944, a country that at the time was taking part and suffering as a result of the Second World War. The game tells the story of two twin sisters, Martha and Giulia, and focuses on the themes of personal and collective tragedy and loss.

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In Martha Is Dead, there is special attention to accurately depicting the locations in their historical point in time, one of the main ones being the Tuscan countryside, which you can freely explore on foot or by other means of transportation. There are also some folklore and superstition elements mixed into the gameplay such as using tarot reading to reveal new aspects of the game. 1940s photography, specifically, is another major part of the game. You can take pictures both for the enjoyment of it as well as to progress further into the story.

This deeply immersive game was previously expected to be released in 2021, however, the release date has been officially confirmed to be February 24, 2022. Martha Is Dead will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC. You can choose to pre-order the game on The Wired Store website. Watch the trailer below:

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