The In Between Trailer Finds Joey King Reviving Love From Beyond the Grave

The supernatural romance film The In Between will stream exclusively on Paramount+ in the United States starting February 11th. Don’t subscribe to Paramount+ or live outside of the U.S.? The film is also getting an international release on Netflix sometime in the near future. The movie will center around the story of a teenager who feels unworthy of love until she meets a boy from a neighboring town that sweeps her off her feet. When tragedy strikes and the young man’s life is taken too soon, the girl starts to believe that he is sending her messages from beyond.

Starring in the feature will be The Kissing Booth’s Joey King, who has starred in all three installments of the romantic comedy which helped launch her career. Leading man Kyle Allen has also dabbled in amorous films having been cast in Romeo and Juliet adaptation Rosaline, in which he will play the leading role of Romeo. He was most recently seen as Balkan, a member of the Jets, in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story. The film’s cast includes Kim Dickens (Gone Girl), John Ortiz (Silver Linings Playbook), and Celeste O’Connor (Ghostbusters: Afterlife).

Like the acting talent, The In Between’s creative team also has solid foundations in weaving and crafting love stories. Director Arie Posin is best known for his work on 2013’s The Face of Love, for which he hired an all star cast including Annette Benning, Ed Harris, and Robin Williams. The film tells the story of a widow’s connection with a man that resembles her deceased husband, though she keeps the likeness to herself. The film’s writer and creator, Marc Klein also boasts credits in romantic dramas, such as Mirror Mirror and, most notably, Serendipity. Robbie Brenner, Andrew Deane, and Joey King serve as producers. Klein and Jamie King executive produce.

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The trailer shows us King’s character as a young, aspiring photographer, finding beauty in everything. We also see a quickly developing romance cut short. Although it takes on a paranormal twist, at its core, it looks to be a story surrounding the effects of grief and coping with what was lost.

The In Between drops on Paramount+ on February 11. Check out the full trailer below.

And check out the film’s synopsis:

THE IN BETWEEN is a supernatural love story that centers on a teenage girl, Tessa (Joey King), who, after bouncing around in foster homes for most of her childhood, doesn’t believe she deserves her own love story. Everything changes after she has a chance encounter with Skylar (Kyle Allen), a senior from a neighboring town who’s a true romantic. As her heart begins to open, tragedy strikes when a car accident takes Skylar’s life, while Tessa survives. As Tessa searches for answers in the aftermath of the accident, she soon believes Skylar is attempting to reconnect with her from the afterworld. With the help of her best friend and a newfound belief that love never dies, Tessa attempts to contact Skylar one last time, in order to give their love story the epic ending it deserves.

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