Hilda and the Mountain King Ending Explained

Netflix’s animated series Hilda is a charming adventure that ranks high as one of the best kids shows on the streaming platform (that us adults can also truly enjoy). So, fans were more than concerned when Season 2 of Hilda ended in a cliffhanger, and there seemed to be no plans for a Season 3. Fortunately, Hilda and the Mountain King is an 80-minutes feature film that solves every unanswered question the series left behind in a pretty satisfactory way. So, now that we know precisely how Hilda’s (voiced by Bella Ramsey) story ends, it’s time to take a look at Hilda and the Mountain King ending and explain all the magic involved in Trolberg’s last stand against the trolls.

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Hilda vs. Troll Magic

At the end of Hilda’s second season, the titular heroine and her mother (voiced by Daisy Haggard) get lost inside the underground troll kingdom that spreads around the city of Trolberg. There, they meet a gentle troll with an infant child who helps Hilda and her mother safely return home. However, the “gentle” troll actually cast a spell over Hilda, and in the middle of the night, the girl becomes a rock troll and is teleported to the core of the mountain kingdom, while the baby troll turns into a human and takes her place in her bed.

Hilda and the Mountain King starts when Hilda wakes up and realizes she has become a troll. Naturally, Hilda’s first reaction is to flee, which leads her to a fateful encounter with Trundle (voiced by Dino Kelly), a colossal blind troll who’s trapped inside a cave surrounded by dozens of bells. Since she’s now a troll, Hilda can understand the rock-creatures language, which allows her to make a deal with Trundle: she’ll help him with a list of tasks, and he’ll turn her back into a human girl.

To pass her time and roam freely inside the troll kingdom, Hilda goes back to her adoptive troll-mother Trylla (voiced by Rachel August). While performing the many tasks asked by Trundle, Hilda also learns more about the troll’s culture and history. For example, Hilda becomes aware of the danger of becoming stone after being touched by the sunlight and how the bells used by Trolberg’s Safety Patrol are harmful to the creatures. The girl also learns to appreciate the freedom of living in the mountains, realizing she misses the time she spent in the woods with her mother before moving to Trolberg.

The most crucial thing Hilda learns is that trolls feel a mystic pull towards Trolberg, like a call from a voice long forgotten. In general, trolls don’t know the source of this calling, but that’s why the rock-creatures are drawn towards the city, even if most of them don’t have ill intentions. Some trolls, though, want to tear the city walls and get revenge for the toll of the bells that did them so much damage. And ages ago, an army of angry trolls banded together under the leadership of the Mountain King, a powerful ruler who wanted to wage war against humans. The Mountain King was defeated in a violent civil war. Still, the seeds of his rage blossomed in the hearts of many trolls, and they are growing every day as the Safety Patrol increases the number of bells in Trolberg and keeps pushing the creatures away from the city that calls them.

Unaware that the history lesson would be vital to her, Hilda keeps enjoying her freedom as a troll while fulfilling Trundle’s wishes. First, Trundle asks for nothing more than a drink, but later Hilda has to find a way to release the blind troll from his bell prison and even recover his eye. Once Trundle is released and can see again, he reveals he’s the fabled Mountain King and immediately departs towards Trollsberg, determined to tear the city’s walls. On the human side, the Safety Patrol leader Erik Ahlberg (voiced by John Hopkins) refuses to see trolls as anything more than bloodthirsty monsters and prepares to defend the city at all costs. War is brewing on both sides, and Hilda, who’s capable of speaking the trolls’ languages and understanding their motivations, is the only one who can stop it.

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Humans and Nature Living Together

While recovering the Mountain King’s eye, Hilda is sucked inside the giant red orb and gets a vision of her mother rising from Trolberg’s ground and destroying the city. Frida (voiced by Ameerah Falzon-Ojo) has the same vision once she tries to commune with the trolls to stop their attacks. To make things weirder, once Trundle breaks through Trolberg’s walls, the giant creature just stands stills, inviting the Safety Patrol to take him down. Hilda and her friends piece everything together and find out the trolls’ ancestral mother is buried deep beneath Trolberg. She has been standing still for centuries, letting humans live in peace. Even so, if her children get attacked, she will rise to defend them, destroying Trolberg by just sitting up.

Trundle’s plan was never to destroy Trolberg but to let the humans bring their own ruin with their blind hate for other creatures. And the Mountain King almost gets what he wishes for. Refusing to listen to Hilda, Erik Ahlberg fires a sun cannon against Trundle, destroying the Mountain King. Once Trundle is dead, the floors begin to shake as the ancient mother of the trolls gets ready to rise from her slumber. Desperate to stop Trolberg’s obliteration, Hilda recovers Trundle’s eye from his remains and throws it over Erik, making him have the same vision she had before. Erik finally understands what Hilda has been trying to tell him and orders the Safety Patrol to stand down and let the trolls go towards the city’s center. Without the fear of attack, the trolls enter the town and finally answer the call of their creator.

As it turns out, the original troll used to slumber for many years before waking up and spending time with her children. However, during one of her long periods of sleep, a human settlement was built over her resting place. Unwilling to harm the humans, the first troll decided to remain still until the area was clear. However, the humans never left, building Trolberg instead.

At first, the situation was not so bad since the ancient troll could still keep in touch with her children. However, as humans grew afraid of different creatures, they pushed the trolls away and raised bells to “protect” the city. It’s been so long since all that happened that most trolls didn’t know who was calling them, but when humans finally let them enter the city, they were reunited again with their creator. Instead of remaining creatures of bare rock, the trolls flourished, with beautiful plants covering their bodies. In addition, the trolls’ rage vanished when they met their ancient mother once again, and the humans who watched the spectacle realized that living in harmony is the only way we can survive.

Hilda and the Mountain King’s ending reinforces the series message, showing how the city learned to let the trolls visit their creator instead of fighting them. Once every year, a big festival is organized to receive the trolls, who now live peacefully around Trolberg. Satisfied to be in touch with her children once again, the ancient troll mother remains laid down beneath the city, ensuring the humans can move on with their lives. As for Hilda, she keeps visiting the Mountain Kingdom from time to time to play around with her new troll friends. Hilda and the Mountain King does a fantastic job explaining that there’s not really a war between humanity and nature; we actually need to share the world and live together if we ever hope to survive.

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