Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2 Primal Trailer Teases Zero Crisis Finale

Avid players of the ever-so popular Fortnite video game can take a peek at the next season by watching the all-new cinematic trailer. Despite the game’s simple structure, Fortnite is a battle royale experience with a strong narrative and familiar faces, and Season 6 looks to continue that trend. Featuring a bevy of iconic characters from the media spectrum, this cinematic preview is one fans of all kinds do not want to miss.

The trailer follows Jonesy, voiced by industry veteran Troy Baker, on an action-packed journey towards the Zero Point, a gigantic ball of energy that has played a part in the Fortnite storyline in every season. On his way there, he encounters a dizzying amount of popular characters from iconic film and video game franchises. When Jonesy is attacked by a Xenomorph, Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor blows it to dust with her trusty shotgun. Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley from the Alien franchise then crashes the party to run over a few Terminators with a giant truck, and the Predator gets slapped by a super-buff cat. (And yes, it’s as weird and awesome as it sounds.) Not even James Cameron could’ve predicted that a kid-friendly game named Fortnite would be the bridge between the Terminator and Alien franchises. Additionally, video game royalty such as God of War's Kratos, Street Fighter's Ryu, and Halo's Master Chief also make brief appearances.

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In addition to the exciting cameos, the trailer confirms the Jonesy-driven storyline that has captivated players since Fortnite Chapter 2 began will end here. The Foundation, a member of the mysterious organization called The Seven arrives to aid Jonesy in his mission to contain the reality-changing event. Though players only see one of The Seven in the trailer, it is not unlikely they will meet the rest as the season develops.

Subtitled "Primal," Season 6 promises a game-changing reality that sees brand new weapons and landing spots emerge in conjunction with a stylish group of skins from the Battle Pass, as teased by Epic Games. Aside from original creations by Fortnite, players can play as Lara Croft and Teen Titans member Raven, the latest DC Comics superhero featured in the game. With the introduction of the new and improved island, players can also expect to find much to explore on the ground and in the sky.

You can drop in with their friends and try out Fortnite Season 6 right now. In the meantime, check out the trailer for Fortnite's Season 6, Chapter 2 "Zero Crisis" finale below:

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