Fortnite Announces Importors Mode That Looks Like Among Us

Fortnite has been very busy lately between numerous collaborations for new skins and a virtual concert with Ariana Grande. Now, the game's dipping its toes into the murder mystery genre with its latest addition: an Among Us-esque mode called Fortnite Impostors.

Impostors is a limited-time mode available now that puts players in the shoes of either a member of the game's mysterious Imagined Order or one of the traitors working alongside Agent Jones. The game plays out like Among Us in Fortnite clothing. Players will go around completing tasks (albeit Fortnite-related ones like repairing the Battle Bus) in order to make progress and win the game while Impostors try to sabotage and kill their way to victory. It does include a few notable additions though with impostors able to randomly teleport everyone and turn all players into the walking banana Peely.

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Leave it to Epic Games to also somehow incorporate this mode into the larger Fortnite lore. According to the trailer, the Impostors mode is set sometime after Agent Jones betrayed the Imagined Order, showing his office in the aftermath of his departure. The impostors trying to eliminate agents of the Order are his cohorts working from within to bring the secretive organization to its knees.

Overall, it's an improvement on their previous Among Us game mode (yes, this game has now had two of these) which was built by community members and turned into a limited-time mode.

Oddly enough, Fortnite isn't even the only AAA shooter to go the whodunnit route. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War recently introduced their own version of impostors and crewmates called Double Agent. With the ongoing popularity of InnerSloth's little deduction game that could, it seems that other massive game studios can't help but try to get a piece of the Among Us pie.

Fortnite Impostors is live now for a limited time, but there's no telling yet when the event will end. Check out the trailer below for this new, bizarre take on murder mystery.

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