Evil Dead 4 Reveals New Plot Details, Adds Mia Challis to Cast

HBO Max’s Evil Dead Rise has added Mia Challis to its cast, reveals Deadline. Challis, who’ll soon star on Netflix’s eight-episode thriller Clickbait, is set to play an 18-year-old girl obsessed with fashion and social media on Lee Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise.

According to Deadline, the new chapter in the Evil Dead franchise will take place in Los Angeles and follow two sisters who get a long-overdue reunion. Unfortunately, at the same time, they find a demonic book that releases a demonic invasion. The stranded sister will have to join forces to battle the forces of evil, which might get incredibly complicated since the older sister, Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), is currently raising three kids in a small L.A. apartment. The new plot details also indicate the movie will focus on the younger sister, Beth (Lily Sullivan), as she’ll have to face a twisted version of motherhood taken straight from the Necronomicon. It sounds like the Deadites will take claim of Ellie and her kids, which might bring something new to the franchise.

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Challis joins recently announced cast members Morgan Davies, Nell Fisher, and Gabrielle Echols. We still don’t know which parts the young cast will play, but Challis’ Jessica is described as a girl smarter than she looks, even if she struggles to be the center of attention all the time. The new Evil Dead installment is written and directed by Cronin, handpicked by the original trilogy director Sam Raimi. Both Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell — who played Ash Williams in the original trilogy — are executive producers on Evil Dead Rise.

We still don’t know when Evil Dead Rise will be released exclusively on HBO Max, but Cronin recently used his Twitter account to let us know the movie was already half done with filming. This means we might be getting a new Evil Dead installment a lot sooner than we expected, maybe even by the end of this year.

As the production of Evil Dead Rise moves forward and we get to learn more about the sequel, you can expect to read all about it here at Collider. Check out Cronin’s tweet below:

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